Opt-in Digital communications, signatures, and case management

Would you rather get a text or email rather than wait on US mail for notification's? Would you would like to complete needed paperwork such as annuals, interim, change of employment, income, other activities, over email rather than having to visit the office? 

If Yes - please register with this form! 

  • Note: a computer/laptop or tablet with email is required for secure document submission. A mobile phone is needed for notification, two way text communication's, and also good for email, but not the best option for large packets, such as annuals. 

    We recommend a device with email and a keyboard for large documents such as annuals/interim. Adobe reader is required to fill out digital forms. 

    Data/Internet/WiFi services are needed to send emails back.

    You will need an active & accessible email address, this is needed to complete digital forms, they are delivered via email, to Tenants only.  You may opt in without internet services, however it will require cell data,  or a visit to a public WiFi hot-spot/library/computer lab,  in order to complete digital forms. 

    These services are being added to allow the completion of our HUD program documents and to modernize communications, while maintaining a safe social distance, as well as providing increased accessibility/flexibility for our Tenants.

    Together we can modernize the way we do business! 

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Mobile Phone number (10 digit) Enter Mobile phone number including area code, DO NOT ENTER A LAND LINE NUMBER
I have provided my mobile phone number and I hereby agree to Text communication with Waco Housing Authority. Note: Text communications is subject to hours of operation. It will be used for two way communication, during work hours
My preferred method of digital notifcations How do you prefer to be notified of appointments, needed paperwork, scheduling, closings, etc. Note: Secure forms will always be sent over email. This is concerning basic notifications