Community Services

Community Services
The Community Services department is located at 1115 Cleveland Ave at the Kate Ross Community Center.  Community Services include senior assistance and programs, youth programs, transportation, and the Family Self Sufficiency program.
The Community Services Department has a wide range of responsibilities related to residents of Public Housing in their needs and maintaining strong and vibrant communities. We have computer labs at each of our three sites that we staff with temporary employees during school breaks and for the summer, to help keep our youth busy and out of trouble. These labs are available for adults during the day, Please Contact Community Services for the schedule. Community Services also works with the Section 8 Residents through the FSS Program.
  • South Terrace Community Center
    2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM
    South Terrace Residents

    Kate Ross Community Center
    3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM
    Kate Ross Residents

    Estella Maxey Community Center
    Last Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM
    Estella Maxey Residents

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  • Transportation Services (extension 279): We provide transportation for residents to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores and pharmacies. Some other locations maybe considered for other necessities.

    Elderly/disabled Services (extension 284): Coordinates local services, paperwork and assurance for the Elderly and disabled residents.

    Youth, (extension 283): Counsels with youth and their families as needed to resolve Juvenile and Truancy issues. Works with other organization to supply after school and summer programs and activities

    Computer labs: After School Labs are available, at all three Developments, during the school year to assist with homework and programming that helps youth improve their educational skills. Also, available four days weekly during in the summer month to give youth an activity time for simple enjoyment.  Adults can also use the computer labs at Kate Ross Community Center.  If assistance is needed at our other developments, please call Ext. 279 to make an appointment.

    Resident Services (Ext. 285): helps residents locate service organizations to assist numerous issues. Available to counsel residence as needed with community problems. Coordinator of Resident Councils.

    Resident Council: Each site has a council that meets monthly to give a voice to residents. Information about happenings in their neighborhood is shared and a time for questions and concerns is given, with appropriate staff available to respond.

    Family Self Sufficiency (extension 282 & 235): The purpose of the FSS Program is to assist WHA PH and/or Section 8 members in obtaining an education, job training, employment, financial literacy, business, social and other skills necessary to achieve greater economic success through career paths. The coordinators also help clients prepare for homeownership." 

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Upcoming Community Services Events