Digital Change Form

  • Applicants of Public housing may use the waitlist portal (where you applied) to submit questions, and changes.
  • Section 8 tenants should reach out to their caseworker regarding income and family composition changes.
  • Public Housing residents should visit or call their management office for changes. 

The change form can be completed and signed on the web; it will automatically be submitted to Waco Housing Authority for processing for HCV applicants only

 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers

Those who have applied for Section 8 (HCV) Housing and are on the waitlist. (Click the blue button below)

S8 Applicant Change Form

Printable Forms

These forms can be printed, filled out, then return to the outside document drop off box, located at 4400 Cobbs Drive (WHA HQ).

Waco Housing Authority document drop box

Waco Housing Authority has a document drop box located at 4400 Cobbs drive in the front parking lot. This box is intended for use of our clients, to allow 24 hour access for paperwork submission. This will be a valuable resources while we remain closed to the public.  
WHA Building