To Applicants on the Section 8 Waiting List:

Your rank on the waiting list(s) for Waco Housing Authority & Affiliates Section 8 programs will be available to Section 8 applicants only via our automated system. To access the waiting list ranking dial 1-855-752-0893, and follow the voice prompts to find your position on the waiting list. You will be required to give the last four digits of your social security number and your date of birth. This information will get you into the system which will inform you of your position on the waiting list.

If you did not submit a social security number when you put in your application, we used the numbers 999-99-999 for your social security number. This number was used for everyone that did not give us a social security number. These applicants will need to use the last four numbers (9999) as their social and then input their date of birth.

The only way you will be able to access this information on the Section 8 program is through the automated system. If you call our offices to try to find out your position on the waiting list, you will be given the 1-855-752-0893 number to call. We will no longer be giving out that information from our offices regarding the Section 8 program.

Public Housing applicants must speak with their case worker in order to receive ranking information, by calling the main number 1-254-752-0324.

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